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Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress: Tales of Growing up Groovy and Clueless - Susan Jane Gilman My mom bought this for me randomly one day because she saw it was feminist so she thought it would be something I enjoyed. I greatly appreciated her gesture so I set out to read it. While the stories could have been interesting, I found the author to be a smart ass who flaunted her ineptitude proudly. For example one time she managed to land a job working for a congresswoman. She admitted on the first day of the job that she did not know much about congress even though her job would consist of her explaining the happenings to congress to every day people. Instead of taking the opportunity to learn about it, she excitedly pointed out that she got addicted to watching General Hospital. She would then wonder why her superiors did not like her and decided that it was because she was too awesome. This book had potential and it did not come close to reaching it.