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My New American Life - Francine Prose Hmm what to say about this book. I won it back in April and finally got around to picking it up in September. I have been dragging my feet about writing the review because I just don't have much to say about the book....

Quick Synopsis: Lula is an Albanian woman living in New York and trying to get her green card. She manages to land a job as a nanny for the teenage son of Mister Stanley, a disillusioned Wall Street Executive. Life is going fine until one day a black SUV pulls up to her house and some Albanian "brothers" ask her to stash a gun for her.

Okay. My thoughts. Lula dear, when four guys arrive at your house looking sinister and you worry about who they are... DON'T LET THEM IN. When they ask you to stash a gun for you TELL THE COPS AFTER. When you feel like one of these guys is stalking you DON'T ENCOURAGE IT. Seriously half this book is her going "Oh no someone left me a creepy gift in my room... maybe he'll come back because he's oh so cute and dangerous" Excuse me, what?

My overall thoughts about this book are pretty lackluster. That's probably why it has taken me two months to come up with any sort of review. I felt like a lot of the story could have been avoided if Lula weren't stupid enough to let these guys in her house in the first place. Also, if she's in the process of applying for a green card there were so many things that she did in this book that she shouldn't have.

For the most part the characters were stereotypical shells. Alvo (the guy who may or may not be stalking her) is a dangerous Albanian gangster with a gold tooth. Really? Don is a slightly sleazy lawyer who hits on his clients (aka Lula). The one person I did like in the book was Zeke the teenage son of Mister Stanley. He was an endearing character. His relationship with Lula was one of the only ones that made sense. They clearly cared about each other in their own way. The few scenes that had Zeke in them (or in a rare case a whole chapter with him) were the most enjoyable parts of the book.

There is also a twist at the end. But again...lackluster - it didn't seem all that believable.
Overall 3 stars. And slight disappointment in my first Goodreads Giveaway.